The Lieber Recovery and Rehabilitation Clinic, a part of the Columbia Psychiatry network of care and an integral part of the well-known Columbia Day Treatment Program, provides people with serious mental illnesses access to community-based treatment including intensive outpatient day treatment and a full range of on site psychiatric, medical and rehabilitation services.

At the Lieber Clinic, we offer state-of-the-art treatment for the cognitive symptoms of mental illness. Here, individuals who are experiencing cognitive problems can receive treatment to improve their thinking skills.

1. Neuro cognition groups: These groups offer highly individualized training of neuro-cognitive skills like attention, memory and processing speed using the widely recognized NEAR model (Neuropsychological and Educational Approach to Remediation). In these groups, individuals work at their own computer on cognitive training tasks identified as helpful for them. Each participant works at his or her own pace at the computer and subsequently there is a group discussion about using cognitive skills in everyday tasks.

2. Social cognition groups: These groups focus on social cognition, which has been defined as cognitive skills used in social interactions. These groups help people become more accurate at perceiving the emotions, intentions and dispositions of others, so they are more comfortable in social contexts.

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The Lieber Recovery and Rehabilitation Clinic

* Information reprinted with permission from Columbia University Department of Psychiatry